Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I heart Greenwich

Summer time is a good opportunity to eat and pig out. And I took that chance to satisfy my late lunch cravings at Megamall's Greenwich.
I have already had my teeth half sunk into their pizza while I was ordering their much touted American Idol pizza, but I discovered there is so much more they are offering.

Greenwich has a promotion where premium AI items such as speakers shaped into the classic retro microphone, 4 t shirts of various AI designs (And I like the design with the dog tag and vest worth by Lloydie.:D ) and a color changing glass.

Ok, going back to the scrumptious pizza, it does live up to its mouth watering images as I saw each time I drove down Edsa and gaze at their billboard. It has crunchy bacon and crispy warm potato strings, tasty thin sausages,juicy beef chunks, mushrooms, bell peppers and lots of cheese, mmm, 7 toppings!

Each bite was crunchy and it satisfied my hunger pangs!! MMM! Its hype lived up to its name as the pizza really rocks. So this is four stars for me.
But apart from the pizza, pasta is part of the combo I ordered.

The carbonara sauce topped lasagna was of a medium one person serving (for a person of my size it is single, for some it might be for sharing). Its cream sauce and the pasta is ok, nothing outstanding, and I ate it warm and hungry, so that is why nevertheless I devoured it. Three stars for this one.
As I stayed on at Greenwich reading and taking time to think, I almost fell asleep reading. Is it the comfortable couch I sat on, the corner seat I took had this cozy feeling, and the mint green tables reminded me of the same colored walls at home, this must be the reason!
OK enough of my corny quip. After an hour, I got stomach curious about the other menu items that caught my eye, so I decided to splurge on a few more items. And here they are with my comments on each one:
1. American Idol blue soda
Pepsi was the pioneer in bringing a blue colored soda some years ago, and while another fast food chain brought in colored soda sundae floats as part of their gimmick. Greenwich decided to mix in some mint flavor with Sprite and created an American Idol signature drink. Sprite is a very good base for flavors, so, instead of a boring dark cola, plus the psychological feeling of being able to belt like a contestant on stage after sipping this drink, it is a winner in taste and in style.
Though of course, I would love for this drink be presented with a premium price of having the color changing glass together with every purchase, but then that option is only available in purchasing a higher volume food combo.

2. The dessert sampler

Sweet tooth that I am, the orange chocolate truffle slice and the brazo de Mercedes portion are sweet with their own individual signatures.
The brazo loaf, exteriorly is fluffy and soft, and its sticky sweet leche flan like filling oozes out, so its like eating yema de pastillas in a chewy liquid form.
The chocolate cake is not nakakasawa in sweetness for it does not irritate the palate, but just gives a right dose of exciting tastiness of cocoa, without being mushy, the cake itself is firm and has a moist chewiness that does not stick to the teeth. So even if you have a gorgeous to impress date with you, you wouldn’t have to be conscious of any brown tinga on your teeth.

3. Pizza fries
If I had been less generous, I would have not ordered this at all, but katakawan can have the better of me at times, so these warm potato crisps arrived on my table paired with a saucer of tomato catsup.

My cynical potato bias (reminders of potato corner and run of the mill potato fries with cheap powdery flavoring lingered) crumbled as my mind registered the exquisite and delightful mouth feel of the crispy crackling potato fries full of pepperoni flavor and heavenly when dipped in processed tomato sauce.

As I wrote this, I was still chewing away on these fries. Whether it was the MSG in the powder or the satisfaction of a meal overall, it really helped me complete my blog.

All in all, instead of heading for the gym, my afternoon cravings were fully satisfied, my diet was wrecked (as if I ever went on one), and I have something new to post for all my food trip friends!

So Greenwich, thank you, for your nice waiters also who unfailingly cleared my tables and allowed me to occupy your premium space to write and relax!

Monday, April 26, 2010

JEJEMONISM? What is that???

can anyone have such language that will be as degrading as this language?

I wonder how one can adequately communicate with this in the oral form .

If you received any of these in text form, post them up and let's dissect what they mean.