Friday, June 26, 2009

7 Eleven Hotdog challenge

Should I or should I not join this challenge. The game mechanics are:
1. To register for the promo at any 7-eleven store, all participants should sign a form.
2. After signing the form, buy a 5 hotdog plus one slurpee drink for 150 php.
3. Have a companion serve as the witness.
4. 7- eleven personnel will record the time of start and the time when all hotdogs and drink have been completely consumed.
5. The time will be recorded and placed in the record of the 7 eleven store.

I have joined my first challenge, for which the prize was to get the burger I ate for free at a burger restaurant in A.Venue, and I know till now, my picture has been posted there for all to witness. But there is no other perk.

This one, is already a nationwide thing, I had visions of me barfing after cramming those 5 hotdogs into me. Yet, who will I bring to this challege and record my attempt at setting a record?

I am still thinking about it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LEGAZPI market June 21

Sizzling bbq foods, turkish sandwiches, organic veggies, pasta, crafts. you name it, for sure you'll be filled.
This is the Sunday Legazpi market, located along the Legazpi Street corner Salcedo St., near Union church of Manila, the parking lot here is transformed to a chic flea market, whose sellers are quite the upper crust and its patrons are the same.
A plethora of dessert choices abound, organic, non transfat sugar free cookies, cakes and sweet fruit juices, paired with delicious wheat breads, paella, pasta, grilled or fried rice meals are great. Then after a sumptuous meal, take leisurely browsing stops at the collectibles, art prints, photo magnets, bamboo and wood crafts, Southern Philippine sun dresses and accessories and health foods.
YES health foods! They abound in number, from Himalayan sea salts, lamps, to organic vegetables, fresh wheatgrass ready to be taken home, to be ground with your very own juicer, various health drinks and nectars to sip from complement some beauty facial and body care products. At intervals during the day, a percussion combo playing Brazilian tunes fill this market with upbeat, delightful sounds.
there was much foods and treats to purchase to explore and to taste, but the earlymorning hour when i visited and the lunch hour was simply not enough. not to mention the money i all spent paying for the bamboo stand. My sister bought lengua and paella, at around 150 each. quite pricey if I may say. Well this sunday I can always explore more of the food stalls selling yummy complete meals, and me would wear something lighter and less formal.
I am particularly interested in the sea salt and the yogurt. But, i realized, just across the church, market market sells much of the same stuff, albeit in a more comfortable setting.
I then had this insight, that, sometimes, I have to just be more open and flexible, that there's always the possibility, same items can be had at different prices and names, but they all are the same, they are foods, they give health, what differentiates them? It's the venue, the ambience and the enjoyment while browsing, and even the neighboring stalls add to the charm.
That is what marketing is all about then, once your heart is set on getting an item at a particular place, the item gets sold due to the seller's and the venue's charm. And unless the other place where you may get similar items can surpass your expectations, that's where you would go, and would be willing to spend extra time and expend extra effort to acquire such.
So, my point is, i think i will again make another friendly visit to this market next weekend.

FRIDAY GReen day shopping AT ABS CBN HUB

I didn't expect to spend, but I splurged.
it was for a good cause though.

I discovered that when you spend for something that benefits others and yourself, this two pronged objective justifies the money taken out.

In this case, I was going to gym, when I chanced upon this friday fair. All the products are eco friendly as they said. Offerings were varied. But I got the following:
1. Malunggay foodies- I didnt know what malunggay was like. .. until, I tasted malunggay shoestring chips at the Echo store. This stall, also had other malunggay snack variants, such as the shrimp kropek, sweet corn bits, banana chip malunggay, sesame seed cookies, fortune cookies as well. They set out samples of the food in front of the products to invite passersby to taste.
I bought two each of the foods and they were really tasty and inexpensive, they are perfect as small gifts and tokens, as their clear plastic packaging has printed designs that make it look very presentable.
2. Eco bag- made from sako, these beige bags came in body bad with strap, a carry all shoulder bag and a lady's style crumpler design open bag. I got a number of it to give as dad's day gifts. Plus they also gave me several green environment saving theme buttons for placing on the bags. I even had a picture with them.
3. Bamboo craft- it took me a while to decide, but I bought this foldable side table/laptop mini tablt from Ding Perez, the entrepreneur for 700 bucks, the bigger version, in maroon. He was selling a 580 peso version which was smaller, but i only got to pay today,and the price for the bigger piece was 700 since I had no smaller bills. So far, since Sunday I picked it up at Legaspi market, I had been using it as an alternate laptop stand beside my beb.
4. unique body washes and soaps- all variety of soaps on display along with some liquid and semi solid body scrubs. I got Barako coffee, dark chocolate and greentea/peppermint scrub. Very very good smelling!
5-7. I didnt get the leatherette covered organizers and small bric a bracs but they are quite elegant and understated. Herbal toothpaste, cheap but not yet .

Friday, June 5, 2009

seeking a reply

I would like to send this message out to no one in God maybe, because he is always here withme and around....
no not only God, but to those who may somehow, someway pick up this thread.
I am a person who deeply likes to be acknowledged. KSP in tagalog "kulang sa pansin"
SOmetimes I post something to someone , in my elementary days, and I get so thrilled to get a reply on my note.
When I grew a bit older, I would write more postal mails, getting replies is the highlight of my day.
Now, I have these tools, such as networking blogsites and instant messaging sites, SMS services, all these mean, I have more chances to get replies. It may be some forwarded message I got, or something I created, It could be a repost of some nice video, or email i composed, or a blog I created about some things i saw and liked (or disliked).
In whichever form, I want to be acknowledged, the need to be affirmed that what I did is not in vain. That it was not ignored nor my efforts wasted.
It does not seem to be the case I guess, Most of the time, I posted something really cool (for me), that made me laugh, that made me happy, and I just wanted to share it.
The problem is, I should not expected any response . the fact I shared it, is like me setting free a dove , to fly and be free to make its fleeting mark in the skies. Same as blogs and messages i sent out.
I have resolved from here on, if i post anything, as long as it comes from me, it has already been given effort and birthed with pride. I will not regret it if i get zero replies, it will be ok.
It is not the end , but the journey, is not the applause nor the jeers...but the process of producing it, i should be content.
That is why, to all bloggers, writers and whoever had received comments about their creative works, kudos to all of them.
Then again, getting someone to comment and react on something in this time of multiple distractions, is an achievements, so I should not expect too much. The fact I can open a blogsite , my phone, my emails and see my work in full view, is like having my private bulletin board, sharing it to others is an opportunity, getting a star, a comment is a gift.
Nothing will stop me from blogging, nor writing, I will keep on.

celebrating Victory Christian Fellowship ANNIV on JULY 24, 2009


JULY 25 na ang anniv celeb at ARANETA Coliseum!!!

MCDO commercial

It was only recently that I discovered how much I loved to watch commercials...more than the show itself . I discovered the motherlode of commercials old and new on youtube.
This particular Mcdo Commercial really really strikes an emo chord in me:
The nostalgia of first love to the reality is so heartrending but not OA, but spins in acceptance and sheer enjoyment, that Mcdonald's bridges the past to the present, and still is a happy place to be.
I also happen to know the lead guy as an adult in this TVC. isn't knowing someone in something you see in public so much more special?
cheers Mcdo(oh, my friend in the rival fastfood chain would berate me for this.....)