Monday, May 25, 2009

learning not to be pikon May 26

May 26, 2009
Learning not to be pikon

I wrote this after a meeting last May 22, in a meeting between my boss and the national sales manager. I am sticking to the adage that the best way to right a wrong is to make the wrongdoing open and accountable so I would watch myself and not commit the same mistake again.

“ Joy told me, about the pikon June Adriatico felt when she edged him out during the picture taking after the fellowship night at Holiday Inn during our POA-1 . She was making a joke only then, June was asking her to take his picture, and Joy, with her trademark lait na pabiro , says no, June you can’t join us with your picture taken with my camera, it’s just for me and med rep name, med rep name. Jun then felt tampo afterwards, and Joy only found out about it the day after. The med rep named was also tampo at Joy for what happened that during the district meeting they felt awkward. The lesson I learned here is to know the whole scenario. And to stop thinking about myself and what I want for myself only. But what will benefit others. To also be transparent about what I feel. That is why there is a discrepancy between myself and my attitude.

MAy 26, Tuesday tale part 2

May 26, 2009
TUESDAY tale Part 2:

When I thought about destruction of a life, I would imagine bloody and horrifying killings, such as the scenes in the movie “Kinatay” by Brillante Mendoza, who incidentally won the best director plum at the 2009 Cannes film Festival. Or of frenzied Abu sayyaf beheadings.
But death can be slow and painful as well, take someone who died from arsenic poisoning. History tells us that Napoleon Bonaparte, Van Gogh, Korean royalty and officials and other personalities succumbed to it because of its chronic use as a medicinal/beautifying/ and unsuspecting poison.
This is how a person can be who is poisoned with sin. Sinning becomes a cycle, where a person, trying to find significance, security, happiness, plunges headlong into decisions. Such decisions could be investing much money into questionable businesses, or those he is not prepared to handle but involve large monetary returns. Or it could be consorting with people who offer love, pleasure and companionship but are against their values and morals. Some others, on the extreme, deliberately feed themselves with addiction to hobbies, retail therapy at the malls, gambling, alcohol, sexual perversion, pornography, you name it.
After a while, when the results of the decisions done are now causing detriment, distress, and falling apart of the person’s life, he/she would shake their fists, blame themselves, blame other people (ie, their activity partners, lovers, sellers of the items they are addicted to , the Internet) and God, for ruining their life.
But after they are somewhat delivered from the poor state, they would launch into another form of destructive cycle.

Jesus is sympathetic to the sinner, to one caught in the sins and follies, like what he was to the Samaritan woman, to Zaccheus, to the crucified robber at his side on Golgotha, yet he still hates and condemns the sin . He said Go and sin no more.

The principles, as outlined by J. M. Farro in the devotional “life on purpose” says the following to those, like me, like you, who may feel, “YES YES this is how I am” :
Put God first.
Trust God to bring the right partner for me at the right time.
Break the destructive patterns in me.
Use this period of waiting to nurture my relationships with people who will build me closer to my relationship with God.

I hope that with this reading, I will have the opportunity to strengthen my resolve, to break free from these destructive cycles I had been through, stop poisoning myself and get myself out of this rut.

Tuesday Tale Part 1

May 26, 2009
TUESDAY tale Part 1:
The way to work today is lighter on a Tuesday morning, I left the house around 745 am. The reason being I woke up(or decided to wake up ) was already 725 am. I was up around 630 am, but decided to fall back into bed.
Last night, after talking to a friend and resolving some personal issues, I turned on my PC and waited to watch the screen light up. Then suddenly a great weariness descended on me, and I literally plopped down on the sofa and napped. Actually snored…then my mom went down, and wearily told me to pack to laptop and go back to my bed. Apparently she was freaking tired of reminding me and getting mad. Shame shame on me.
So, that’s what I did, I packed up my PC and…set it on the floor thinking I can still be awake enough to browse, this was 130 am. And ..nope, it was impossible, I woke up and put my feet down from my bed and almost stepped on the keyboard. What a dozer I am!
I guess improvement in my waking habits is essential. When I got here in the office parking, I got a spot on P6, as opposed to P9, yesterday. My car aircon was not working so well so I was perspiring when I arrived.
Getting into my office. I opened my bible and a devotional I grabbed before leaving my room earlier.
In my next blog….
After a morning of two successive meetings and another in the afternoon, I felt quite bowled over by the topics. Not to mention I was getting dry eyes, and drowsiness forced me to take a nap in the car after a quick lunch inside the parking lot. And my car does not have a decent airconditioning, so it was a fairly warm nap for me, and I was forcibly reluctant to get up back to office to catch the meeting,....which I DIDNT know was in progress, about the performance evaluation parameters called the Ipad.

so back to my desk, I was thinking what I can do to boost my brand, and help it really sell.

Then I opened my email. And saw this article from the integrated marketingwebsite, and it talks about how the series "LOST" can give valuable lessons about marketing.

In a nutshell, these are the insights:

1. Make sure you share the story behind your brand so you can give people a reason to believe in it.
2. If you have something complicated to sell, get creative about how you can simplify it.

3. Don't ignore your critics, but don't change your strategy because of them either.

4. Having an ending is important - even if it's just a campaign that ends so you can start a new one.

I will post some more insights about marketing soon.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

GYm GYM again

I can't help grumbling and muttering to myself as I sauntered into the machines area. I worked out this Sunday afternoon at ABS CBN, and I was really, not into lifting my muscles. Yet what is spinning in my head is "STEVIE, you gotta run and burn those excess flabs .."
gee, where did I get those "flabs"...
a. Saturday evening pig out at Wagamamu, retiro, oh yeah with cousin Jean and her family, i ate TWO burgers, with french fries and a side dish of carbonara.
b. Sunday lunch at Serendra Conti's, downed a plate of fried egg with garlic rice and corned beef with yummy fried chicken fingers in honey mustard sauce with three (or four?) lemonade glasses.
c. This week I chugged down half a litro bottle of Coke.

I did my routine as follows:
1. Pullup, chin up, lats machine, 12 reps at 25 lb handicap.
2. leg curl, 35 lbs. one set
3. leg extension 30-35-35
4. squats - (both plates) 30-40-60
5. abs machine with lower resistance (50-60)
6.Upper back row - 25
treadmill at 6.0 speed for 8 minutes

I could feel a pinch in my right sternum, bony part i guess, it was kinda tender. And palpating my legs and abs while I contracted those muscles, I made sure, I was jutting my chest out, my back was straight and I was inhaling on the positive and exhaling on the negative.

So, another gym afternoon, means more calories burned, well 35 kcal burned??? That's what the treadmill said...Ahhh, I just couldn't take it no more. So I showered and packed up.

The things I keep forgetting to bring at the gym..ahhh that will be the subject of another blog...I gotta get a bite to eat.

FACEBOOK addiction

My addiction now to facebook is due to tending my farm in Farm Town, my restaurant in REstaurant City and My city as well. And to tend other people's stuff.
I guess I just want to be the best and earn lots of points...but for what? it doesnt add value to me, yet why do I keep doing things that do not really add much value?

Conti's Serendra

I just enjoy eating at Conti's, finishing that Mango Bravo cake at the end of my filipino brunch meal of corned beef and rice with eggs was perfect. I was just advised, to eat slower as I tend to gobble up food instead of slowing down to chew on them.

Oh, to be rich!

For me the true definition of rich , is to be able to buy books you want to read, and have the airconditioning in your home turned up and have your favorite cookies, chips, and juices all around. then be able to watch movies via your wide screen LCD tv, and relax in your lazy boy recliner.
That's the life.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quest for glory

"Hey , I saw what you wrote ha, it's on page 12!"
Hearing these words are music to my ears. I love writing. Before the age of blogs, the only way to see your writing in public is in print.
The first time I had my writing in print was when i was around the age of eight, actually it was insignificant, just something posted up the bulletin board.
Now, to a kid who has been a new transferee to a big school, classrooms are as big as they get, and the bulletin board is the equivalent of the discussion area, the IT thing, to have your works posted there is a bid achievement.
But it was not after a while when I was introduced into the world of journalism. Writing is a more serious business here actually. BUT, I didn't write, I worked as a copyreader. (Ironic considering I am so impatient with details). And that copyreading stint was what helped propel me in the world of newspapering.
Of course, my procrastinating spirit kep me from venturing into the nitty gritty of journalism, such as news, features or let alone editorials.
So, I stuck on, and it was only in my college days, again I joined the College of Science Journal, where I learned to write my first news story, my features on science, interviewing people for my articles, that I got to write once again.
The high time to be creative only stirred once more when I joined the Varsitarian. I contributed my bit to the inspirational compilation called Heaven's Kitchen. It was a short writing about struggles to do good.
Then again I ventured into science and technology . It can get tiring actually to write geeky stuff, so I dipped my brush into the literary section, I helped put together a tribute to a poetess/painter who took her life for art's sake.
The age of blogging opened new possibilities for me, The NET gave so many chances to write and be see.
That is why I have this blogspot to celebrate what I saw and put down my observations.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Init init pag walang aircon!

The worst time to have the airconditioning break down is at the peak of the summer heat. I had driven my car for like so many kilometers, from Qc to Makati (my office) , and to our national conference and back to QC, and to places around the Metro, when I noticed that the airconditioning didnt seem to make a dent in cooling the car. I though that by moving at normal speed, the aircon would be perform better. Apparently, the compressor that had replaced the old one which had given me similar trouble earlier this year, had stopped working optimally, and I am distressed, that my office clothes were soaking wet with perspiration at my back.

I propose that cars should have those heat proof devices that can provide heat dissipation and cooling, without relying fully on airconditioning that can damage the ozone layer with freon chemicals. I don't know what they call it, but these look like spinning minaret tops. these can be attached atop cars and be powered by the car batttery. Therefore as the car moves these minarets will spin and provide cool air to the passengers, at the same time, lend new meaning to the "indian" look that has been popularized by the movie Slumdog M.

I guess, I have the whole afternoon to enjoy the cool office air before i head back to my car this evening and drive home in a heated car.

Tales of a Backpack

Backpacking around is a western concept it so seems, but leafing through history books, the fancy colored backpacks have been an offshoot of many ways travelers carry their worldly possessions.
If a mother can carry her baby in a sling bag, I carry my baby, my organizer, my cellphones, snacks and my room basically inside my Adidas backpack. And is it heavy, nah, weighing just a ton, it is quite lightweight compared to the burdens that are invisible.
Yes, my backpack, has been a descendant of many years of practice. I did not carry backpacks in high school, I carried clunky shoulder book bags.
I started packing books in these bags in college. I often had to contend with no name bags, the ones where the English is misspelled, or those bought from the sidewalk vendors at a bargain. And later in the year of use, the backstrap gets ripped through and all my belongings just fall with a big splat to the ground.
That is why I so love this backpack now, it is an Adidas, in fiery hot red, with the trademark tri stripe decor and a rounded body. The sweet fact is I just won this in a raffle at the opening of a spa in QC.

My backpack is a symbol of all the things I carry through this lifetime, happy moments, challenging adrenaline surging situations, and foot dragging times, a bag is always there to accompany my melancholia, and to carry the fruits of my victory, from mundane items picked at a bargain sale, to books that secure my work focus and add to my knowledge.

And so, I go and I travel, and tell the tales of my ongoing travels.