Friday, May 14, 2010

Juicy Burgers with great value at BBB Victoria Towers

Burgers have come a long way from the overpriced and tiny burger sizes served up by huge fastfood chains.
So the advent of thicker beef patties and fresh veggie slices in burger portions, not only of Brothers burgers(which are exceptionally pricey) but mushrooming big burger stalls, kiosks and full restaurants are a welcome change to the westernized PInoy taste buds.
After a hard workout, instead of heading for healthy fruit juices, I changed my mind and opted for this all red, and appetizing looking outlet of Big Better Burgers located at the second floor.
What sets this apart is , as i mentioned the inviting red interiors, but aside from that, it's the menu of mouthwatering creations. Burgers in value meals to the premium burgers were available.
I chose their best value burger, which at less than a hundred pesos, was a real treat.
the burger patties were well done in cooking, juicy, tasty and no extenders were evident. The tomator and lettuce portions were big, and pairing this burger with ketchup was bliss.
Though I have not seen their other outlets in the malls, they are visible in SM supermalls, and worth checking out for their other menu offerings.
So pardon my greedy looks here, I simply cant resist this chompworthy addition to the food tripping area of Victoria Towers.
Nesxt trip, I would try other offering and post an update here.

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  1. Try burgers from our locality:

    Bob's, Magallanes Comm'l Complex. Magallanes, Makati

    Crave Burger

    bon appetit