Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chinese Fever Medicine

I took this medicine when I got really sick back in March, I had persistent fever and cough that would not go away.
Then, after blisters of paracetamol wouldn't drive the stubborn 38 degree fever, I was given these.
These are pills, yes, in small bottles, that I had to gulp in 9 pieces each dose with water.
And..yes, they did work, my fever went away, and I recovered.
Unfortunately (or am I lucky) I did not drink any of those weird smelling Chinese herbal soups, they would have been Fear Factor material.
I guess you can get these at Chinese drugstores. But price wise, oh I cannot remember. I hope I do not have to find out, for then, I would have to get sick again to discover the answer.
Something interesting to note, in these modern times, Chinese medicine does still have its place.

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