Thursday, November 12, 2009

IN-house clubbing after dinner

Makati and the nearby Fort is the hub for clubbing and chilling out after a long day's work right? But what if you can convert your home into a club like place?
That's exactly what happened when I dined with some friends in a house within the Makati business district.

We had a tasty supper of sliced crispy pata, sisig, adobong isaw and lengua with rice, and just when dinner was over, our friend asked us to temporarily vacate the room.
When he called us back, I was surprised to see the soft lights were turned off and replaced with a fantastic laser show pulsating all around the room. Rays of green and red, alternating with D-shapes hit its mark and bathed its occupants in a shower of christmas colors.
Here is how "Club 23" looked like:
Laser lights spouting of a machine hidden on the top cupboard.

Now, what's missing are the crowded people of clubbers and party goers.But for tonight, our group is enjoying the party.

You won't get blinded looking at the laser lights, it is actually a lilting feeling to gaze at it while being bombarded by the bass sounds of techno music.

It is no wonder if you are high on something, the lights will become extraordinarily brighter and make you feel lost in the music and the atmosphere.

Garment of laser wrapping fellow friend.

For a detailed video, check out my youtube uploaded videos, my username is bijoe87 . Search for it and look for the laser lights video. ENJOY everyone!

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