Saturday, November 7, 2009

LASANG lasa ang Linggo! - Taste Event III - Chibog to the Max talaga!

TASTE test event on SUNDAY !!

I was so excited I couldn't sleep for excitement, ok ok, so I am exaggerating, but on this freakingly nice, and sunny SUNday morning, after church just a few blocks across, I drove over .
"Ohhh my, where is the line of hungry people...(line from email of Spanky....)? " I asked aloud to my tummy.

"Growl" it responded.

And I saw the the grail, este, the great line of people, or more accurately, of similary confused masses of people looking for parking. After rounding a series of road blocks, and parking atop this grassy lot ...

" parking!!!"

My camera was still unassembled dammit, after I got it back from the shop, and it was a few moments before I got my weapon in order in that warm parking lot.

"TIME to shoot some CHOWWW..!!!

I sped down the hilly lot, and oh, damn the cordoned entrance, having to round the bend and get to the registration area.
Fortunately, tardiness wasn't a problem, I am registered! this last minute entrance was thanks to Spanky Enriquez, Anton Diaz and Rache of Awesome Planet.
OK, so Spanky and co host Ivan Man Dy (of oldmanilawalks tours fame) gave the lowdown what to do with our two pager survey forms.

We are to rate each foodie whether it tastes terribly awesome or otherwise with these cute red pencils...

Hmm, I have a funny feeling it will be a problem balancing my camera, and a flimsy survey form that will be splattered with food stains, crumbs and whatever comes out of my mouth. But, bahala na, as I sallied forth.

When I visited the foodies, I actually turned left first and made my way through the desserts first. Actually, my excitement is palpable as I struggled to take photos, then ask some questions about the food, then pencil in my comments, and eat the samples, all while dodging hungry samplers.
"Never cross paths with a hungry man." With this adage in mind, there were moments I just stood still and looked around, planning my next move.

In between my samplings, I had a hard time disposing the paper plates and utensils I accummulated, plus getting water to drink means having to step outside to the water dispenser. But water ran out in the main pavilion, and i had to scoot over to the lechon section to quench my thirst.

It was good also for the Kymco Jello ocmpany whose very colorful Jello drinks caught everyone's attention and where I hung on for a while downing cup after cup of the sweet teas and gulaman.
I wanted to comment on the good logistical arrangement, as everyone who joined were only those on the pre-registered list, and everyone was polite, the foodies were very patient, considerate, and GENEROUS with their sample servings!

Yes, it was crowded, and I can see people around me balancing their plates, while those seriously taking photos didnt even had the hands to eat and take notes. I did all. HA...kidding. I gave up writing on the paper (next time sana may clipboard kahit hiram lang for the duration of the event) and just took pictures and ate.

Here is my few centavos worth of thoughts on the foodies for the day (and my apologies to those I did not comment about, I cannot comment on those untasted food since I was so full!)
1. Pig Out Food Corp.
I am happy to finally see a foodie who offered such affordable viands for less than a hundred bucks. What's on display were soups like Manhattan Clam Chowder, and plastic bagged chicken and pork sisig.

I like the fact you can just get a pack of these viands, immerse these for like five minutes in boiling water inside the microwave oven or inside a kaldero on a stove top, and you have a delicious meal to be served with rice or noodles. And according to them, these are preservative-free! and lasts in the freezer up to SIX months.

I enjoyed munching on their CHRISTMAS MEATLOAF.

And it costs only Php 0.70 per gram! These are sold in 100 and 200 grams per pack, so doing the math, 200 g. of Christmas ham is 140 pesos only!

You can call them up at (02)721-1366 , 0922-899-3688.

2.Veggie lovers would love "ang saWRAP". The winsome lady owner, MINNIE J. PUNO, whom I chatted with enthusiastically made the veggie wraps on the spot, and I love the freshly prepared foods.

Her products are Thai Chicken, crabstick mayo for the wraps, for fresh salad rolls: smoked fish, ground pork and prawns.
I didn't get the price, but you can check them out at and call her at 0917-838-2559.

They can also be found at Legazpi Sunday Market, 730 am to 200 pm.


"It's not bagoong if it's not Bangga's", the bagoong is nice, not too salty, and it is as good as the bagoong you can taste out there. they also have their special laing , Bicol express and Adobo.

You can call them at : (02)6457768 ; 0917886-0706 email:

4. Dulcelli Cakes
The sweet tooth in me savored the AVOCADO SANSRIVAL!

It tastes like melted avocado ice cream with just a mild sweetness,the avocado bits are not as detectable, but creamy in the icing. The cashew meringue blends harmoniously with the whole body. A must-order for occasions like the upcoming Christmas season. But i would not mind ordering a whole cake, and over coffee, bond together with loved ones while feasting on this delectable dessert.

The Choco Mallow fluff is very attractively presented, and it is gently sweet as well, I am reminded of the Choco Mallows of a popular local candy brand, but this one is devoid of the irritating sweet aftertaste.

The Avocado Sansrival is at 790, and the Choco Mallow Fluff is 700.
For orders : 02-7998010, and mobile at 0922-8162468, additional perk, free delivery within Makati area.

5. The Fruit Garden
I love to have quality fruits as part of my breakfast, and so it is a delight to taste good jam, in unique combinations as well.
The jams here come in the freshest way, with each 100 gram jam jar containing at least 60 gram fruit.
The colorful flier describes mango jam with seven variants:
1. Mango plain 2. mango lavender 3. mango vanilla 4. mango ginger 5. mango chocolate (intriguing for me. hmmm, she says white chocolate was used here) 6. Mango papaya 7. mango spices.

They did have pineapple and strawberry collection as well as shown in these photos.

But because I was kinda stuffed, i only tasted the mango choco. Oh, the packaging was in pastel colors with a filigree border.

I dont know why cooking jam in copper cauldrons in the French tradition made it special, but that's the recipe of Monsieur Marmonier, whose wife, a Bacolod native actively described her collection of fruit jams.

You can contact The Fruit Garden, through Andrea A. Marmonier at 09209653565 , .

6. Chef Toby's Dips and salad dressings
Healthy snacks like toasted bread and wheat crackers can be perked up with these delectable world themed dips! Healthy living means eating right even in between meals.

Chef Toby offers Herb garlic dip called "The Green Goddess", Mediterranean chickpea dip "Hummus"(no, it's not the soil thingy you smart aleck. ), pesto with an Asian twist(i hope it's not painful..) Asian Pesto), East meets West salad dressing "Fusion Vinaigrette" and roasted sugar beets in all red "Roasted Beet dressing".

Yum Yum dips for those small parties and meriendas, paired with coffee and juice on relaxing evenings or weekend afternoon picnics.
contact :, (02)7253993, mobile:09178170731,09209136543

7. MISS PIGGY would have been the perfect endorser
Erica Paredes simply wanted to try something peculiar, why not pair something crunchy with something sweet?
No she didn't come up with a gourmet cornflake, but she gave breakfast bacon a chocolate makeover and voila, it became "HAPPY BACON".
It was nice! I have weakness for crunchy stuff, but after taking a cautious bite of the chocolate covered bacon, it was surprisingly yummy!
Paredes in her first venture, offered two variations:

1. The Piggy Stardust (on the left)- 50 g at 150 php, 100 g. at Php 250 and 150 g. at Php 380 .
2. The PIg POPs- chocolate on lollipop sticks, 30 php for singles and 5 php discount if you get FOUR pieces at a time.

Too bad for Erica who lost her mobile phone yesterday, she does have her EMAIL for orders : Your orders will help her purchase a new cellphone, order na mga kapatid!!!

8. Appetizer rules with CANAPE CHEF
Instead of bringing pansit or volunteering for the drinks in your next potluck party, why not show up with a tray of eye popping appetizers, or if you wanna sound sosyal..CANAPES, call up the CANAPES Chef at 0921-7878378, 09152259312.
Showcased this afternoon were her 5 delectable creations:
1. taquitos 2. beef and mushroom 3.chicken pastel.

The secret lay in the hard crust holders of the filling, which her recent client, the Australian embassy raved about and had her cater for their party in their office. And me not remembering the twisty term for it, just tasted the three canapes on display and I was floored at the taste, they are filling and so addictive.

Too bad, they didnt even show the Aubergine tapenade, the seafood thermidor, the cold canapes like banoffee tarlet, sunshine squares.
So if this sound like the answer for your weekend party or reunion, call them now na!

The owner is the lady at the right hand of the photo. Her NET link is for the COMPLETE menu and email for questions (it's TWO thousand pesos only for a minimum order= FREE delivery in QC and Makati . .

9. Something Extra became better with 8 TWIST

Oh yes, Almond Roca transformed into cookies, and yes, they are even individually packed. What a nice and professional touch for gift giving even for corporate presentations! This is at 185 php per box of 5 cookies, you do realize minimum order is 4 boxes, so better chance to give these cookies for your other bosses, or your real good colleagues and loved ones!
She also offered Royal Blueberry cheesecake at 650 per 9 inch size, and she has also oatmeal-chip cookies, in boxes of 10's with minimum order of 4 boxes.
For that special party or panliligaw to your date with a sweet tooth, call for order ASAP na, at (02) 9967935 and 0921-4976937 and email

10. VEGGIE delight at the Y Bar
Being a Vegan is easier now with tasty and lovely food around. Yogi Bar offers cakes and spreads all free from any meat.CAkes looked good and the menu offerings on the flyer include Tofu Cheesecake, Sweet potato cakes, Tofu fudge cookies.
Ran by four sisters, two of them were present running the samples booth.

For orders, call Lali or Krista Balagtas (0915)8671999 , (0922)8865887

11. Divine Desserts, Inc.
The name says it all. I tasted their featured cakes, the chocolate double fudge cakes and caramel fudge cream cake.

The cakes' good points were its ability to be sweet without being annoying. I really like the chocolate for being so tempting in its presentation and it did not disappoint.
The caramel cream cake would taste better if chilled, but on its own, it was like hearing a symphony of Mozart when you roll the cream inside your mouth. Graphic. yes, that's me.
For more of their delightful offerings, they have :
Tiramisu, sugar free cheesecake, macadamia sans rival, peanut butter truffle cake, cookie caramel crunch cake and Christmas cakes for December.
ANd free delivery for orders 800 php above, not bad!
Contact 913-9875, 439-3069

12. Nuts about Walnuts

I can only speak for walnut tarts that i tasted here were perky, or that they livened up my sweet tooth experience!

Too bad with the repertoire of nut oriented cakes they have, such as sweet nuts lovers, pinoy nuts lovers which are actually boxes of nuts like peanuts, cashews, green peas, fried garlic, pecans, they didn't bring samples.
They even have cupcakes like Bailey's cupcakes, dark choco almond cookies and so much more.
They have a weblink:, contact and for orders call 09174326375.
I can only say, I wish they brought a bigger selection for sampling!

13. Cramly Cravings HAM and baked stuffies
Since PAsko is peeking already, HAM and HAM makes for a feasting tradition, but if you are tired of the commercial ham, then take a look at the ham I got to sample!

These two hams are chicken ham and pineapple honey ham, steeped in honey as sweetener, and oh so perfect for reunions, and holiday parties, and very good as well for breakfast with sandwich bread. yummy. They do have baked goodies like brownies, but i wished they had fruitcake samplings!

For orders they can be reached at : 09178109228 and 0922-8855562.

14. The Bravissimo Creative Kitchen
TURKEY and PORKLOIN for the holidays! 5 kilos of turkey at 4 thou, 3 kilos ot roast pork with trimmings of mushroom gravy and baked apples at 1,750. CALL Dori Soler at (02) 7243032, (02)7269015, (02)8903988, 09174984532 . Impressing your colleagues at work, or group potluck party share for those must go parties! And yes, I love the roast turkey!

15.POP CORN from Chicago

NICE red tins containing everyone's favorite comfort food and movie treat, POPCORN! Cheese and karamel krisp flavor! At 295 for the big red tin and the smaller tin at 140. The red tins looked very retro and collectible if you ask me. They are found at
the 2nd flr. entertainment mall at SM MOA.
visit, and email them at, with tel no. (02)556-6625 , should you wish them to be present at your corporate event, personal event for your family like birthdays, and reunions.

16.Leonardo's Lechon
It is so unique to have chicken within a lechone cooked and to be smothered with lechon sauce for a happy meal for everyone!
call them for orders for your parties at (02)7243068, (02)7269828, (02)744-5172,(02)7256071, (02)7258618 . You can check them also for more foodies at

17. San Roso LECHON
More crispy and tasty suckling pig, mmmm, yummy, and located just in Erod. cor. T. Morato in QC, numbers for delivery order is (02)5158253,(02)5158259 (02)3570659

18. MAMA V HOT meals to go
For affordable and tasty student meals, this foodie in the Malate area near Taft and Leon Guinto offers a variety of meals. During the sampling, it offered sliced beef steak with jasmine rice.
Priced at Php 75.00 for this and other rice packs such as , and you can call them at (02)6643263, (02)6649212, (02)5244714, (02)5261855

19.MEAL pies by Tina Raines
Crisp, warm, and filling,these meat pies are comforting, like a warm pillow you can pop into your mouth, in bite size pieces were they spread by Tita Raine, whose oh-so-adorable bulb necklace is as much conversation piece as her tummy fillers.
I tasted the callos pies she served piping hot, and indeed, they were so good, I am sure these pies would be an immense hit during family lunches and merienda tym. And you can reheat the pies when you buy them cold.

call Tina for orders at 0917-8310925, 09186367952,email at

20. High End Foodie? that's Dulcelin!
When I saw the Wagyu Beef and the lasagna on the chafing dishes of this foodie, I skipped it for the last few stops I would make. It was a MISTAKE! When I went around finally, these were almost gone, and I have the evidence to show it:

The beef was done medium rare and it is chewy and delicious! Published rate is at 2,700 per kg.And a full slab is around 5 to 6 kg. ( Ask them if you can get less than a full slab at
Other mouthwatering dishes on their menu include the featured Chicken relleno at 850 Pesos each roll.
OK, I am sure they have other dishes they can't wait to cater out, such as Lengua, Callos, Cochinillo Asado, Paella, gourmet Pate, Blacked Fish Fillet with Dirty Rice, Chap Chae, Angus Beef, POrchetta, and Bbaqued Pulled Pork(served with 12 pieces Ciabatta bread, caramelized onions and barbqued sauce.)
Enough and I'm getting hungry again!
They have SEVEN outlets to pick up stuff you order:
1. QC: 36 Times Street, West Triangle --> 374-2165(67) fax: 414-8568 Mobile:0917535-2592
2. Libis: Tiendesitas, Delicacies Village
3. Makati: Food Choices, Glorietta 4
4. Makati(2): Tea Republic, PAcific Star Bldg (848-0270)
5.The Fort Bonifacio: Pelican Fresh, Market! Market! (889-6696)
6. Greenhills : 11 Garfield St., Greenhills West, San Juan (584-2185, 0917-533-7778)
7. Alabang: 158 Pili Drive, Ayala Alabang Village (850-9890)

21. Better than yogurt, KEFIR CULTURE health drinks and health bars
This is a stand out from the foodies around as it is only one of three which offers liquid nourishment after all the heavy meals and desserts. And yes, it is cleansing and good for the tummy !
The ladies manning the booth were so enthusiastic about this drink, as I took sip after sip of the four flavors of this enzyme rich, probiotic drink. This means as i drank, I am putting good bacteria into my tummy to flush out the bad ones, and supplies me vitamin B complex and protein. Scientifically, Kefir is better than Yogurt. And more benefits on their flier and on the Net (yup just type kefir on google).
With flavors like Chocoberry, Mango, strawberry and Vanilla, it is so easy to get the habit to drink this everyday, without the sour aftertaste of plain yogurt. They do have plain water kefir and milk kefir as well. Salad dressing of kefir would be a perfect roundup for a healthy start of a meal.

Now, I was wondering what the attractively packaged cake was, it was actually fiber rich flapjacks, and said to be excellent for increasing your iber intake and tastes good enough for snacking in between meals!
A one liter bottle is a good deal for 200+ a bottle, enjoying your vitamins and taking care of your gut has never been so easy.
Drop by their store:
ArAma Cafe at SERENDRA Fort Boni.
Ordering a bottle or two: call Jeren at 0916-591-5359 ; (02) 345-3736

22. HAPPY Cream Puff!
The tall Christmas tree like tower of delectable, glistening cream puffs, and the pyramidal stack of luscious, candy sprinkled, chocolate pastries in white boxes, it was a great hit with the sweet toothies and the kids at the sampling event, as it sad smack center of all the foodies.

The bestseller and value for money would be the small cream puffs in assorted candy and chocolate toppings at 180 pesos per box of 10's. They have bigger sized puffs at 14's for 250 pesos.
I wished I could have tasted thier "Nama Choux" Series where elite cream puffs such as Ube, Strawberry, mango among the others were featured on their flier.
Nuff said, call them quick as they deliver for free in selected Makati areas at 7071263. for pickups:
1. THE ZONE, 7224 Malugay St. cor. Buendia.
2. 856-9447 --: Unit G-16, Rada Regency, Rada corner Dela Rosa.
check their tempting delights at

23. Cheesecake star of Sugarhouse

So, should I comment more? It's New York cheesecake!

Tawag na, 8 inch cake at 950, petite ones at 450 pesos, perfect for holiday feasting desserts, or your personal indulgence at home.
Sugarhouse outlets are all over: Ill put here their email:, and call at 718-4630.
SM, glorietta, Paseo Sta Rosa, Dela Rosa Carpark, Eastwood City, Alabang Town Center, Paseo Center Makati, MEzza Aurora Blvd. That's where you can find 'em!

24. Cookie Monster cake
I totally couldn't eat another bite and I am so sorry to pass this foodie, but still, their cute presentation and sesame street inspiration, Cookie Monster simply clicked to remind me of Big Choco Chip cookies, here are pictures I took:

25. Sa malamig sa malamig! KOKO and JELLY ready to drink gulaman
Having this foodie outside of the main hall is an oasis of delight, they served colorful and sweet tubs of jelly in apple, black currant flavors, and another product called Koko, in lychee and strawberry. Sweet tea, branded Mountea was also sampled out generously. when the water dispenser ran dry, people flocked to their booth, with me standing by and downing cup after cup.
I ended up ordering a box at 6 pesos per full cup, but they do sell these at the same low price at The Landmark supermarket. kaya bili na!!

ENJOY lifestyle card was there to lend their services to aid foodie happy people to enjoy the benefits of this all in one entertainment, lifestyle and food hopping card.

Aside from the munching and tasting, there was a raffle of gift certificates for lucky attendees; issues of Real living and Yummy magazine were given out as souvenirs. I bet if the leftovers were given out, then everyone would be very happy.

Again, I hope the next food event would have more exhibitors, bigger space and more freebies. After all, samplings and tastings will convert to orders if the taster is happy and his gatronomic, visual and olfactory senses were tickled in a good way.
Next time, more drink foodies I hope, there is so much more potential for drinks as they go well with pambara, dapat din may pantulak right?
Kudos to the organizers and every foodie who were there.


  1. You are a natural story teller Roy! Maybe in the next event? I will e-mail you what I'll be attending bro. Hope to see you there.


  2. Nice pics & reviews! I'm getting starved just looking at them. Sayang I wasn't able to join the event. Pls let me know when the next one will be, thanks!


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