Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glass skydome of Greenbelt 3

Before Trinoma and SKy Garden, the Ayala developers had a vision for an environment friendly and in-touch-with-nature kind of feel to its malls.

One striking proof is the use of glass and wood awning to crown the ceiling of Greenbelt 3. So during the day, as one ascends the escalator, they are greeted by a bright skylight. As the sun sets, one can see how the sky changes from its light blue hues to a rich palette of red, green, and orange into grays and dark blues.

The use of glass allows light to come in and saves on electricity to light up the corridors of the mall, while it allows mall goers shelter at the same time from the harsh rays of the sun.

Overlooking the glass dome, one can gaze at office buildings at a distance. It seems to tell the mall goer "You are lucky to be taking a respite here in Greenbelt away from your workplace."

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