Monday, November 23, 2009

My first bazaar for the Pasko

When I got Harvard's text, I knew that it must be a good place to go to the bazaar he endorses. This particular MArche bazaar held last SAturday and Sunday at the MAkati Sports Club along L.P.Leviste St.
For the weekend's browsing, I had my picks already and some comments along with it.
1. Yogurt would be the last thing I would expect, but it proved to be a heavensent yummy, it has lychee flavor which I sampled and enjoyed so much I got two take home tubs. It should be a great breakfast treat!
2. And Beside healthy food, would be comfort food, and that would be these sausages and barbeque, topped with rice, the bbq combi costs only 40 bucks, while sausage sandwiches just around 65 pesos! Yum!
3. Instant noodles! More expensive than the brand endorsed by the megastar, i decided to give this imported Singaporean origin mami a try. On the other hand, the aggressive and winsome team of KoKA girls did help pull in some customers, that includes me!
4. Recycled handbags and desk furnishings are so thumbs up for me! Not only do you get some nicely woven items, you get to help promote eco waste friendly cooperatives like this! See the items made from woven newspapers, yellow page directories and magazines. Creative huh?
5. Antiques welcome one into the bazaar, is this like saying the past DOES catch up with you? heheh. Love the gramophone and the coke collection. To think these would be throwaways, like the phones and the typewriter, now sold at a good price!
6. Of course, no respectable bazaar this Christmas would be without SAnta and The Nativity characters with our beloved PArol hanging around there.
7. Lighting up your life can be wholesome and make a statement! WEaring these shirts, caps and keychains with self lighting animated signs would indeed make you stand out, specially on a cool night out during the holiday season!
8. Comfort, warmth and healing scents of herbal seeds from this pillow. Just heat it in a microwave for a minute or two, and lay it on the aching part of the body. I like how it has different cloth choices for the pouch and it smells really nice. I hope my mom and dad gets to use it, as they are not feeling well lately.
9.Memory foam pillows! a local and creative colorfuil alternative to the more costly and imported Tempur brand, priced at 300 to 2 k PLus for the bigger models.I love how they are ingenious with such useful products.
10. Customize pillows and shirts with your face and a friends on the spot!
11. PLanners and more planners and folios, that's files for you!
12. Cutie stuff must still get more customers, especially these large ice cream tub purses and other cutesy things like cup holders and purses.
13. LAcoste shirts at around 30 dollars? hmmm, now that got me thinking if they are authentic.
14. Food oh man! They got lots of food here . I have got to try the instant cooking risotto, as it says here, it can serve 4 people already with this packet as explained by the chef himself.
15. Cebu origin GAYUMA pastries. hmm , the name says it all, gingerbread cookies, angel food cake and the bTs cake, Better than Sex is what she calls it, ahhhhh. I will just smile and stay quiet lest i say something unsmart..:D
16.Bro. Raphael, a genial priest in a casual polo shirt and jeans enthused about his Guimaras origin Mango biscocho and pies, I sampled the jam and I instantly got wooed by the CAlamansi. Yum yum.
17. CAkes cakes and more sweets, the mango thingy and the choco cookies did get me in. I would have loved to take home the creme brulee i sampled. But, gotta watch the tummy!
18. Italian jewelry for men and women. ah vanity!
19. Christmas decors in the form of crystal balls filled with glitter confetti. Tempting but not for clumsy people like me. I prefer non sand derived pieces.
20. There was this lady who just shocked me when I was supposed to take a shot of her innovatively cartoonish backpacks when she curtly asked what I was doing and if what the photos are for. After I said it was for personal use, she said "next time ask permission ha, and she planted herself at the front of her booth. Too bad, my sis got turned off by this lady and didnt buy anything from her. That's what cross teenage looking old ladies get for being taray.....
21. Organizers are fanciful, like these layered jewelry keepsakers, and the mallard duck design remote control holders.
22. Turkey, ham, relleno, delectable christmas treats!!! ahhhh.

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